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Our company K.X.K ELEAONES LEFKARA is a family business that is active in the production of extra virgin organic olive oil from the best in quality olive production zone in Cyprus, Lefkara. This semi-mountainous area (altitude 600 meters) is ideal for the production of high quality olive oil with rich aromas, low acidity that make it unique.

Our first plantations were created in 1990 (phase a) and the next ones in 2000 (phase b). The main olive variety is Koroneiki and Cypriot. However, there are a few trees of the Kalamon and Pikua variety. Year after year, many years of experience in the field, in combination with the quality selection of olive oil is recognized in the field and more important steps of development and quality improvement are attempted with the purchase of the most modern means of olive harvesting, storage and transportation of olive oil. We have our own bottling plant for bottling our production in various packages.

Our olive oil has won various awards and is available in every control based on the principles of Organic Agriculture as defined in EU regulation 2092/91.


K.X.K Olive Groves Lefkara has more than 8000 trees aged between 300 to 1000 years

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Zodias 6, Pano Lefkara


Tel: +357 24342683
Mob: +357 99536039

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Mon – Sun: 08:00 am – 10:00pm